Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Rain, rain

It's teeming rain and crashing thunder and lightning this early morning; I'm lying in bed with coffee and yesterday's blueberry muffins, listening to the rain spattering on the skylights. This may cancel the planned trip to the farmer's market...but I love waking up to the sound of summer rain. Later on, oatmeal bread, sweetened with sorghum, and white-bean soup on the big stove...

Once the rain tapered off, I took a walk through the woods up to the grand (and 1880s-ish) Crescent Hotel. There's a sweet, crescent-shaped swimming pool there along with pretty gardens and a wide, wide back porch with rocking chairs and a newspaper coin box. I forsee a Sunday morning up there...Today, though, the chairs were deserted, but I took a picture of the top of St. Elizabeth's church.
The little bell tower on the left actually leads to the entrance to the church, since it's built into the hillside. The surrounding grounds are very pleasant, although there is a large headstone dedicated "To the Victims of Abortion", which is a little creepy, since I doubt they're commemorating the women who lost their lives to illegal operations or terrified do-it-yourself remedies.

When I got back, after a long walk, the bread was risen--really risen--and ready for the oven. Finished loaf pictures (and an easy recipe) to follow!

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bakerina said...

Ahhhhhhh. I used to LOVE listening to the rain, so much so that I would leave the front door open while I worked at the desk, keeping an eye out to make sure that no armadilloes or soybean-sized wasps tried to come in from the rain.

Have you been to the library yet? You'll definitely want to go to the library at some point.