Thursday, November 18, 2010

Order Your Pies Now!

The Pie Queen is taking orders for Thanksgiving! If you want a delicious homemade pie to serve next week, with no work from you other than handing over a little cash money, now's your chance! You can pick up your pie in the East Bay or have it delivered in the East Bay or SF on Wed., Nov. 24 or the morning of Thurs., Nov. 25.

A word about our flavors. We're not really into making kooky, crazy pies. We don't want to freak you or your guests out by putting weird things into your apple pie. Especially at Thanksgiving. We made a ravishing pumpkin-ginger mousse one year, in lieu of the pumpkin pie, and the guests lost it. Where was the PUMPKIN PIE???? It didn't matter that the mousse was delish; what mattered that what was supposed to be there, wasn't. So we'll let others make grapefruit-huckleberry-campari tart and curried fig-balsamic galettes. At this time of year, there's just something comforting, and right, about having the same old thing.

So, our most popular Thanksgiving pies are listed below, but hey, if you're longing for Meyer lemon meringue or chocolate silk instead, it can happen. All pies are possible! Crusts are all-butter; fabulous butter-lard or vegan/nondairy upon request.

Classic Apple.

Classic Apple with Raisins. Marvelous.

Pumpkin. Made with fresh slow-roasted winter squash. Custardy goodness, not stolid stodge.

Sweet Potato. Southern fave! Made with roasted sweet potatoes.

No-Crust Pumpkin or Sweet Potato. A pie without a crust? Yes! If you're avoiding wheat or grains, you can still enjoy the best part of pumpkin pie. We'll bake our delicious pumpkin or sweet potato filling for you "as is" and skip the crust.

Pear & Quince. Luscious autumn treat! Silky pears layered with gently spiced poached quince.

Cranberry-Tangerine. Something delicious different! Nutty, crunchy walnut or pecan crust, tangy chilled ruby-red cranberry filling with a hint of tangerine. A PQ family favorite!

Payment is COD, cash only. Email PQ at dixieday(at)aol(dot)(com) for more information.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Just in time for High Pie Season-- Pie Queen Kitchen is open for business! It's just a week until Thanksgiving, and you know what this're gonna need a pie, or 3. But you've already got a lot on your plate--turkey! tofurkey! gravy! buttermilk mashed rutabagas-n'-taters!--and perhaps facing down a crust and peeling all those apples is just one task too many.

And that's fine with me! I'd love to be your pie-bakin' hands for hire.

We're on yur Thanksgiving table, bakin' yur pies!

Here at Pie Queen Kitchen, our pies are all-natural & made from scratch, using local & organic ingredients whenever possible. I like to know where my ingredients come from, don't you? So, Pie Queen Kitchen uses locally ground Guisto flours, Clover and Straus butter and cream, eggs from local, free-range hens, all-natural lard from happy pigs, and fruits and vegetables grown by farmers I trust.

Here are some of our most popular Thanksgiving pies. But any pie is possible! These pies are made with all-butter single or double crusts. Truly delicious butter/lard crust, or dairy-free vegan crusts, available upon request.

Classic Autumn Apple. Made with a mix of tart and sweet California apples, lightly sweetened and spiced. With or without raisins.

Pumpkin. No Libby's here! Made with fresh, slow-roasted winter squash, eggs, cream, and spices. A custardy delight! (Also available in a tofu-based, egg-free version.)

Sweet Potato. A Southern favorite! Made with baked sweet potato, brown sugar, eggs, and cream.

Cranberry-Tangerine. Something different! A tangy, ruby-red, chilled cranberry-tangerine filling in a crunchy walnut crust. Perfect with fresh whipped cream!

Pecan. More nuts, less goop! Finally, a pecan pie that doesn't curl your molars. Also available in Chocolate-Pecan.

Pear & Quince. A luscious autumn treat.

Pies are $22-$28 each, and can be baked in a disposable foil pan or in a reusable glass or metal pan (available for refundable deposit or a small additional fee.)

For more info and to set up an order, call me at 415-623-6212 or email at dixieday(at)aol(dot)(com).

*Dietary restrictions: I cook in a home kitchen, so I can't promise a strictly gluten-free or nut-free environment for those with serious allergies. But if you just have a common dietary-choice issue, like being vegan or wheat-free, well, PQ loves a challenge! I can make vegan, dairy-free and/or eggless crusts and fillings, as well as wheat-free crusts. Just ask!*