Wednesday, June 28, 2006

PQ at the Market, Take 2

It's time for another farmers' market demonstration, this one at the Eureka Springs market at 9AM on Thursday, June 29th, in the Pine Mountain Village parking lot (out, I believe, on highway 62E). Frittata with farm eggs, zucchini, and whatever herbs are on offer, along with a salad with berry vinaigrette. I have my doubts as to how the frittata's going to go, being made in a clunky electric skillet, but here's my chance for seat-of-the-pants cooking. I might have to do some fancy saves if the whole thing sticks to the pan, as it very well might when I try to do the fancy flipping. Wish me luck! Pictures to follow, and hope to see you there.

To make real berry vinegar, the berries should steep in the vinegar for at least 4 or 5 days. Ooops. Well, I'll have to do an instant version on site, but I'll post the real recipe here.

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