Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More flora and fauna...

Wildflowers growing along highway 62, on my walk back from the Eureka Springs farmers' market in the Pine Village parking lot.

And more...

The trout-stocked lagoon at Blue Springs

How the trout get fat...25 cents buys you a handful of fish food to toss over the railings into the gaping maws below.

And what, alas, I didn't snap a picture of (at least not yet): the rebel-flag bikini on display outside a souvenir shop along this same highway, right past the store advertising "Christian Biker Gear."

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Anonymous said...

it just looks so beautiful. please take advantage of these days and be a freak and write all night and cook all night and all that. Am I projecting? I kinda wish i were still doing that but then I just sniff my son's head as he sleeps and fall back asleep myself.