Sunday, May 14, 2006

tuesday afternoon surprises

Have you ever seen a sight as beautiful as the face in a crowd of people that lights up just for you...

Well, I've known all these things, and the joys that they can bring
Now every morning there's a cup of coffee and I wear your ring
And I wear your ring.

-Cowboy Junkies, "Anniversary Song"

and the rich apples
once again falling.
You put them to your lips,
as you were meant to,
Enter a sweetness
the earth wants to give.

Everything loves this way,
in gold honey,
in gold mountain grass,
that carries lightly the shadow of hawks,
the shadow of clouds passing by.

And the dry grasses,
the live oaks and bays,
taste the apples' deep sweetness
because you taste it, as you were meant to,
tasting the life that is yours,

While below, the foghorns bend to
their work,
Bringing home what is coming home,
Blessing what goes.

-Jane Hirshfield, "For a Wedding on Mt. Tamalpais"
(with thanks to Shifra and Stephen)


bakerina said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. :)

shifra said...

I guess that means our card arrived. Your happiness makes us happy!