Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Send a salami to your gal in the Army

Given my position as cookie-baking USO girlfriend, I'm just a tad miffed that I didn't get to chip in to Kim Severson's NYT article about soldiers' care packages, just to disprove the image that only grandmas from the Midwest bake cookies for the troops. Foxy 38-year-olds in Brooklyn do, too!

The article does contain some howlers, though, like this quote from the admirable Crystal White, a Starbucks employee who, to her credit, sent 100 lbs of coffee beans and a grinder to Bagram, the main American air base in Afghanistan. "I wanted them to have something they're used to, something from back home," said Ms. White, whose siblings have served in the military. "I wanted them to know that there's something they are fighting for." Making the world safe for Frappuccinos, one slush at a time!

Severson goes on to note that future MREs will contain chocolate-covered espresso beans. Wheee! But she also mentions that "Other new field rations include an expanded line of vegetarian dishes, including lasagna and chicken pesto pasta." Bawk! I'm going out to weed the chickens now.

It's true, though, that Girl Scout cookies are as good as money for getting favors done. According to K., there's actually no shortage of junk food out there, from Cheetos to Kit Kats, all sent by well-meaning pals, church members, and relatives.

But homemade cookies--well, there's nothing like a double chocolate mint chip to get you through a dust-ridden 120-degree day.

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