Thursday, May 04, 2006

Spring is Icumen In

Really, other people's love affairs are deeply uninteresting to read about, when they're happy. Misery and breakups, sure. But not the cheerful stuff. So I'll try to spare you the tap-dancing anticipation that I'm going through right now as K. heads down to the airfield to start her very, very long journey back to Brooklyn for her 2-week leave. Suffice it to say that I'm extremely chuffed at the thought of having an actual full-time girlfriend again, rather than just someone I write to alot, and talk to at midnight when I'm mostly asleep face down in the pillow. Someone to go eat at Chestnut with! Someone to make morning coffee for, and actually kiss! This is very exciting.

And speaking of Chestnut, well, I heart Chestnut, and their extremely yummy chicken-mole enchilada, and their peachy Riesling by the glass. I want to go back there with K. to try the halibut with pea vines and black trumpet mushrooms and fava-bean puree, not to mention the chocolate budino. (That's pudding in Italian, in case you were wondering).

Other happy days--the apt is(hopefully) sublet to a couple of nice high school teachers; the lettuce is slowly but surely growing in the garden plot, and I figured out a way to keep the goddamn pigeons from nesting in my fire-escape windowboxes. Bamboo skewers! Sure, it looks a little like some kind of Viet-Cong booby trap, but it works.


shifra said...

Yay, that's such good news -- so many kinds of good news. Although we can't hope that you'll be a very active blogger while K. is with you, I personally can't wait to hear you go on and on about how wonderful it was to see her. Have a fantastic time together!!

Stephanie J. Rosenbaum said...

Thank you! I just talked to K from Kuwait, where she's cooling her heels til tomorrow, when she'll finally get on a flight to Europe and then the U.S. Should be here sometime Sunday--I can't WAIT!!

K. said...

Oh, and hours to kill here at the internet cafe before being herded through customs and onto the plane! See you soon!