Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Big Little Pies

Happy summer! in celebration of being able to wear white shoes from now til Labor Day, I was tapped to bring a blueberry pie to my sister's Memorial Day grillfest. Things having been a little hectic over at the PQ Castle (I was actually down in Jersey from Friday to Sunday enduring all things orange and black and tiger-striped at my 15th college reunion, which is a whole other story....), I didn't have time to make one myself in time to get the morning train to Connecticut, but thank goddess for the shops of Grand Central station. I picked up a nice 8-inch pie from the Little Pie Company counter in the downstairs dining concourse, and it was quite tasty, especially once we'd gently reheated it and put on some vanilla ice cream. Nice fresh-tasting berries in a juicy filling, no icky gummy gel, good flaky thin crust with cute star cutouts on top. I've had a bunch of their pies over the years and they're consistently good. Of course, homemade's always better, but if you're in a pinch, they're a good source.

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Shar said...

Will you please just tell us more about the reunion? Your title is The Adventures of Pie Queen--Pie is only one word of it. I want the Adventures part. Dish and tell us scandalous tidbits. Dance floor moments, divorces, company takeovers, lost young loves??