Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Badass Poetry

OK, New Yorkers, I want to see all your shining faces at the newly spiffed-up Bluestockings bookstore this Wed., June 1st, at 7pm. Amazing poetry, fabulous women, and it's FREE, so we can all save our money for pies and tiaras.

Come hear a gang of great girls read from the wonderful work of Eli Coppola, a funny, intense & feminist San Francisco poet who died in 2000, at the age of 38. Manic D Press has just published her selected poetry, Some Angels Wear Black.
Readers include:

Jennifer Blowdryer * Ali Liebegott * Beth Lisick * Laurenn McCubbin * Sara Seinberg * Madigan Shreve * Michelle Tea * Samuel Topiary *

wednesday, june 1st
7pm * free
172 Allen Street
between Stanton and Rivington

AND go to the Lolita Lounge (3 blocks south of Bluestockings, on the NE corner of Broome and Allen) this Sunday, may 29th to hear writer Ali Liebegott read from her epic road poem The Beautifully Worthless. 7pm.

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