Monday, June 30, 2008

cooking demo on tuesday

Come down to the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market on Tues., July 1 between noon and 1pm, and see the PQ make her infamous, moan-inducing pomegranate figs, with peach and pluot variations. Yes, I'll be spreading the word about pomegranate molasses, my favorite condiment, and will even be making my own by boiling down Twin Girls Farm's fresh pomegranate juice. At the outdoor kitchen under the arcade, three demos at 12, 12:30pm, and 1pm. More info on the market here. If I can get some proscuitto from Boccalone in which to wrap the figs, life will be complete.

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David said...

For the record, Steph, I would much rather watch you cook a delicious fig/pomegranate contraption than lead an audience segmentation workshop in Santa Clara today, but I gotta pay the rent. Go get 'em.