Friday, February 01, 2008

Sunny D-Lite

Look outside, it's sunny! Thanks to 11 days of rain, Bernal Hill looks like Ireland. Keep your fingers crossed that this brief interval between storms stretches out through Saturday morning, so you won't have to stand under a deluge to get your bite of Orange-Almond Cake with Citrus Compote.

Yes, the PQ will be doing a cooking demonstration, complete with samples, at the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market at the foot of Market St tomorrow morning at 11am. Look for the demo kitchen out in front of the Ferry Plaza, on the north side of the arcade, near Taylor's Refresher (if you're standing in front the building, look to your left). It's part of the market's Citrus Festival, so I'll be using as much fabulous Cali citrus as possible. Kumquats! Blood oranges! Navels! Pomelos! Come by, heckle, eat cake, maybe even buy a copy of Fun Food, my kids' cookbook, afterwards. More info on the CUESA site.

See you there!


Billigflüge Tokyo said...

After reading some of your posts, i´m convinced that citrons are your favourite fruits. did the weather fit to your event??

Flug said...

I love oranges and kiwis but citrons are a very good alternative.
If I buy ice-cream I usually take citron, because it is so fresh( but only in summer)
The rest of the year I normally take chocolate or vanilla


I know a very good recipe for a citron cake