Friday, February 22, 2008

No Snow, pie!

It's a little damp today, yes indeed. A hat might be well-advised; perhaps some boots, or at least not your favorite suede platforms. This morning, I'm drinking coffee in my crossword-puzzle pajamas and making pie crust for Meyer lemon meringue pies, part of What Is To Be Done with the big box o' lemons that's been filling my kitchen for the past week. And while the kitchen fills with the scent of sweet California citrus, am I feeling just a tiny, tiny bit grateful not to be here"?

Yep. California is a beauteous place, especially when it's snowing in NYC.

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Kitchen Trove said...

Meyer lemons all the craze. Where did this come from. Never heard of one til this year...and now even my little fav fruit hut in Grover Beach CA has Meyer Lemons.
Martha is all about Meyer. And the dessert menu at my favorite restauant guess it...Meyer Lemons.