Wednesday, January 17, 2007


10 days and K. should be on a plane heading home! Of course, the only thing certain about the Army is that nothing's certain...and there is a lot of snow where she is these days, so it's not 100% sure that she'll be leaving on the day as planned. And it will probably take at least 2 days, maybe more, for her to get all the way back to the States once they leave. But every day crossed out on the calendar is one day closer to seeing her.

If all goes well, we'll be dividing our time (until I head out to the farm in mid-April) between Brooklyn and the little town way upstate where she'll be stationed for the next few months. Besides the bright lights of NYC, just going to the grocery store, having friends over for brunch, not being separated by a time-zone difference of 9 1/2 hours, not having to travel 6 hours+ to see each other (as we had to do before she left) on the weekends all seems very exciting... As does walking over to Chestnut or Brooklyn Fish Camp for dinner, or cooking fish, grits, and greens at home.

But right now, it's finally chilly out, and that means, cookies!


Shifra said...

Yay!! Counting down with you. What kind of cookies? I'm craving ginger snaps, personally.

k. said...

Can't wait to get home, even if I'm delayed. Looks like I get a few frigid days in a Former-Soviet-Republic before I'm back in NY. Ah well. So goes military travel.

Stephanie J. Rosenbaum said...

Oh, well, I knew as soon as I wrote it on my calendar (and made the plane reservation) that the date would change. Keep your feet warm and you will be home soon!