Thursday, October 05, 2006

food for a rainy day

Indian pizza! Now, I know, I live in New York City, which means I don't have any right to complain about access to good, nay, mind-blowing pizza. But one thing a New Yorker can't get in the metropolitan area is Indian pizza--that is, mashed-up Indian food spread on a crust, globbed with cheese, and baked into mind-bending spicy goodness. That's why I have to keep JetBlue in business with cross-country flights whenever possible.

It was pouring rain way too early in a region where October means blissful Indian summer and the winter rains shouldn't kick in til after Thanksgiving. I was soaked and sniffling and trying to carry way too many bulky bags as I crawled up the street to Jen J's house. My bag of Williams-Sonoma swag (including four books from a series that I edited earlier this year) split right as I got to Jen's door while cold water sluiced my hair and fogged up my glasses. But all was forgotten when we got our pizza and chai from Zante's, the original Indian-pizza purveyor on Mission Street.

And now, just to taunt me when I get back to Brooklyn, I've got a little slice-shaped Zante's fridge magnet to take home.


aria said...

hi stephanie, thank you so much for writing up my cooking mama posts in Chow!! i litarally squeeled with joy when i read it :)

indian pizza, i have never heard of this, i appear to be missing out. yum it sounds fantastic! mission as in sf?

Stephanie J. Rosenbaum said...

So glad you enjoyed it! The game looks so fun....And yes, Mission as in Mission St, in SF--Zante's is on Mission St near Cortland. Try the pizza--it's fantastic!