Tuesday, October 17, 2006


It's raining here, there's a chicken & a bunch of root vegetables tossed with rosemary and garlic all roasting in the oven, and I'm laughing over the butch cupcake recipe posted by Esther, my Aussie blog-pal. She posted this back in June but I just discovered it, under the heading "Cupcakes for the Ladeez." Cause it's not just the femmes who bake to get into a girl's pants.

Um, yes, anyway, let's look at the calender and see what fun things are coming up. A launch party for the good folks at Chow.com on Wednesday at Public--I'm looking forward to this, but I'm a little nervous that those Aussies in the kitchen are going to slip me a kangaroo kebab.

Then this Saturday, come down to Red Hook for the Added Value harvest fair--(walking-around, not roasting) chickens, cider-pressing, cuddly animals, fresh vegetables, and lotsa pumpkins, all growing in Red Hook's only farm. Even wanted to know how to grow vegetables on pavement? Here's where to find out.

And Saturday night, Danielle from Habeas Brulee is hosting a get-together of local Brooklyn food bloggers. I always thought it was a sign of food-world braggadacio never to admit to any food issues--weren't you supposed to swagger through the barbecued alligator and spit-roasted guinea pig? Not here, apparently, where nearly everyone on the RSVP list has thoughtfully provided a list of their picky-eating provisos. Luckily, I'm making dessert, and even the olive-haters and bacotarians can usually get through a slice of apple pie without drama.


Vanessa (of vanesscipes) said...

yeah, there was definetly less nose-turning-upping at the potluck than the long list of i-wont-eats would've suggested! maybe everyone played it safe? I for one found the creative restraints a rather fun challenge - a tasty first-impression worthy vegetarian dish without cheese, olives, eggplants, nuts, pineapple OR squid? Bring on a *real* challenge.

esther said...

thanks for the props! I've been reading all your thanksgiving recipes and old posts and just came across this. i'm glad you got a chuckle. now my dear friend shannon is planning to make us special butch baking aprons... who knows where it'll end!