Sunday, April 30, 2006

Cherries and Kitchens

So, the cherry trees were total rock stars this weekend at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.
(This is the view from where I was sitting on the grass, sipping tea from the green-tea-and-blackout-cake stall and talking on my cell to K., who had just rung up for a chat from Afghanistan. Modern technology never ceases to amaze me.)

The number 2 train over there was jammed--I was crammed in next to a teenage girl wearing a kimono and obi over jeans and flip-flops. Inside the park, it was Woodstock for cherry blossoms.

There were lolling picknickers everywhere, with hotdogs and $8 bento boxes of teriyaki chicken and saifun noodles. And the trees were in full, exploding pink blossom, surrounded by every color of lilac. It was fun and then it was just too insanely crowded and I had to leave. But go soon; it's $5 to get into the garden, or free all day on Tuesday.


Want to cook in the Pie Queen's kitchen? Lots of cookbooks and all the tart pans you could want! My perfect Australian subletters just bailed on me, and now I've got a real nice 1 BR in Brooklyn available for the month of June. Email me for more info and pix if you're interested.

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shifra said...

What a drag about your subletters! I'll keep my ears open among my New York friends for you...