Saturday, April 01, 2006

BrookLime Pie

From Friday's Escapes section, in the NYTimes:

"TRAVELERS come to the Florida Keys for the sun, the sand and the scenery of America gone Caribbean. They come for bone-fishing in the morning, margaritas at midday and sunset celebrations at dusk. And before it's time to depart, everybody wants a piece of Key lime pie.

Never mind that most Key limes — golf-ball-size and yellowish, in contrast to the larger, greener Persian lime — are grown these days in Mexico. Or that first-rate Key lime pie can now be had in places like Brooklyn."

Clearly, journalist Charles Passy must have been one of the many lining up at the Pie Queen's table during last year's 2nd Annual Brooklyn PIe Social.

Dumbo's no Key West, but the pies are sure tasty:

Notice the little green fruit next to the pie, smaller than golf balls but bigger than marbles--those are real key (aka Mexican) limes. No bottled juice here!

(Not that I'm trying to make K., a true Florida girl, homesick; I'm just counting down the days til she comes back to Brooklyn for her 2-week leave, in less than 6 weeks now. I miss my girl.)

And for you locals this evening, it's a 3 dog night at the Brooklyn Museum's free First Saturday program, in honor of the museum's new William Wegman exhibit Funney/Strange.

Don't forget, American readers: daylight savings time starts tonight. Set your clocks forward 1 hour before you go to bed. It's your ready-made excuse to skip whatever early-morning activity you'd rather avoid!


k. said...

Oh, but you do make me homesick. And not just for your excellent Key/Brooklyn Lime pie.

Captain Marc said...

Florida Keys Fishing