Monday, March 28, 2011

Wise Sons Pop-Up Deli

What you should do this Saturday morning, Jewish division:
-Go to shul
-Then go to SF's new pop-up deli, Wise Sons.

You can read about Wise Sons on KQED's Bay Area Bites column, which I wrote last week. My favorite comment on this, of course, came from my sis on Facebook, who wrote, "Your grandfather, may he rest in peace, he didn't eat at delis that popped up. He married a balaboosta and SHE cooked for him."

Too true. But should you not have a bubbe at home baking babka, you could do worse than to let Beckerman & Bloom do it for you. True, their pastrami is a little fatty for my taste, cut a little thick and not quite as tender as it could be. (I also like a lot more spice falling off the edges.) So, not Katz's, but then again, lemon trees here, not slush!

Anyway, I don't need to eat pastrami when they have such awesome, house-baked bialys loaded up with Acme smoked salmon from Brooklyn. You could do a smoked-fish throwdown between their "Ollie's Bialy" and the open-faced smoked-salmon sandwiches from Capt Mike's at the Ferry Plaza farmers' market, and everyone's mouths would be too busy happily chewing to pick one or the other.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,

Hope all is well. I represent a national berry brand and wanted to send you more information on my client.

Can I please be provided with an email address?



Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,
On the off-chance you haven't heard, did you know that Maya Rudolph is photographed holding a copy of one of your books in this week's (Johnny Depp on the cover) Entertainment Weekly? It's a story about the film Bridesmaids that she's just done.
I will be in SF June 6-11 and as a long time blog reader would love to see any demos in the area you might be doing that week. email address for me is chrissyliz99 AT if you'd like to write back. Cheers, Chrissy

Virginia Osborne said...

I visit the Bay Area every few months and I am going to be sure to place this Deli on my short list of spots to visit for lunch. The photos of food look sensational. I'm always looking for inspiration for the cooking contests
that I enter. Thanks for the mouth watering blog post!

Virginia O

Elspeth said...

That bialy looks delicious! I WANTTTT

Stubby holders said...

What a great and yummy foods. i feel hungry when I saw your food. I love presentation of the food and smoked-salmon sandwich.