Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Up in the cool gray north

Ok, so driving in a rental car on a rainy night through a city I've never driven through before--a little hectic! But I cowboy'd up and now after a night on the aerobed, I'm up and at 'em in cool, gray Seattle, drinking some good french press coffee at the Sun Cafe in Phinney Ridge. Mike and I went through the T-day menu last night, and I did have to do a little special pleading to get some green stuff on the menu--in Mike's eyes, completely superfluous on a day dedicated to stuffing, mashed potatoes in multiple flavors, gravy, turkey pit-cooked in the Weber, marshmallow-topped MBY casserole ("more butter than yams"), Velveeta mac n' cheese, 3 kinds of pie, an a jello mold. But I'm flying my Cali flag and bring the famous Bay Wolf pomegranate-and-persimmon salad to the table, perhaps without the goat cheese and pecans since there will already be a maple-walnut pie to follow. And maybe I'll even slip in a panful of lemony-garlic kale, too.

Lots of greens--dino kale, ruby chard, broccoli rabe--growing in the neighbors' front gardens here, which is nice to see.

More to follow! And feel free to post or call with all your piemaking questions--operators are standing by!


JohninJax said...

Is there someone really here? Ok, well at least I found someone that can help with some of my questions. First of all, yep, the lard crusts are killer. I taught my daughter how to make a rhubarb pie this summer, complete with lattice top, butter, sprinkled sugar, perfectly browned....ah, it was good. Ok,I was looking for info for places in NYC. So how much do you know about the food, ie, deli's in the 57th ST area??? So you travel around the US and are a food editor? Please look at my blog also. I made it, just with the idea to get people in NYC to leave me some tips on where the locals would eat and things to do. I think with only 5 days there, we won't have a problem finding things to do there. ESB of course, Yankees game, Statue of Liberty, and hit the espresso shops and deli's on foot. If you can give tips on making my blog better, or forwarding it of people in that area, maybe I can get a few comments. If you get to my blog, please leave me something to know you were there. I will try to cut/paste it here for you to find it. When I searched for it I can't find it? I am not a geek; I just followed the steps and I don't know how I got some of the things like the map on there even???? Oh well its there. I want to add a link of google earth also. I want to put my favorite places here in Jax, Fl on the map also and add my pictures and videos to it. I just started my Facebook page this summer. Ok, email back if you can find me?? I saw in the coffee shop, but it seems a lot of people just write to hope someone reads their endless babble? I will follow your blog if you will follow mine. I hope you have been to NYC before?!! How about exchanging a few recipes? I will forward a picture of the pie, and the other stuff I make. Ok, let's see if someone is really on the other end!!!//johninjax-nyctripjuly2010.blogspot.com/

JohninJax said...

Ah yes, the traditional persimmon dish. My family grew up in Indiana, and since young children, we picked up wild persimmons, pressed the pulp, and all of our families make a pudding for Thanks and Xmas. It looks more like a dark brown, almost black, 1/2 inch thick bread pudding type texture. Not pudding pudding!! Everyone always says, thats not pudding...no it's not, but.... hey with a dollip of cool whip on top, that makes the holidays at our homes. Do tell about the pome/persimmon salad? And the maple-walnut pie! Do y'all have horses or just the saying? I don't think I would ever want to live in the Great NW because of the rain!