Friday, January 09, 2009

Cafe Gratitude, Chez PQ

Yep, we're rolling our own here at PQ Central. What are we grateful for, right NOW?

Nextmuni, which means never having to loiter on the corner praying for the otherwise-mythical 67 bus.

Debbie Harry, who is still performing, this time in a benefit for my Brooklyn writer pal Ayun Halliday's kids' school.

Qupe Syrah, red roses, charming company and beef carbonnade with silky mashers at the sweet and perhaps underappreciated South Park Cafe, tucked away South of Market between 2nd and 3rd Sts, between Brannan and Bryant.

Finally finishing the final edits on the cookbook manuscript, wheeee!

Swedish popstress Lykke Li and her acoustic, nearly a cappella version of Dance Dance Dance with Bon Iver, and Jane for turning me on to both.

Talking to my mom this morning, and hearing about her fab trip to Florida to visit her beau, always a good reminder that love can find you at any age.

Oops, Nextmuni is telling me the bus is almost here! More to follow!

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