Wednesday, May 14, 2008

south wind

Well, isn't it a balmy day. Almost muggy, which isn't like San Fran at all...which means it's blissful, because everyone knows it won't last. (Unlike, say, NYC, when the first muggy day is merely a harbinger of four months of nonstop mugginess to come.) So the tank-top-and-sandal brigades were out in full force in the Marina, drinking sangria and eating salads outside all along Union Street.

But enough weather chat...the fun news today was getting a mention in the New York Times! For my kids' cookbook, Williams-Sonoma Kids in the Kitchen: Fun Food. The lead story was all about the future for cookbooks for kids, and was accompanied by a list of their fave kiddie cookbooks. Check out the whole piece, here. Or, cut to the chase and see just the PQ mention.


Dawn Sandomeno said...

Hi and Congrats on the NY Times. is beginning to develope some kids cooking parties - I think your cookbooks would be a great place to start.


esther said...

So was it you who recommended Amy Bloom's Away ? I think so but now I can't find the reference. Anyway, I wanted to thank you because it was totally worthy of all hyperbole. I lived in that world for a week and now I feel a little sad to have left it. Thanks for the tip off, I was a Bloom fan before but now I may be a fanatic.

congrats also on the NYT mention!