Friday, January 18, 2008

Down, Up, Up

So I didn't get that marketing-writing gig at Whole Foods that I was hoping for. The up side? I don't have spend my days trying to promote

organic spray-on pancake batter. But the can's recyclable, yo.

Today's joy—the incredibly beautiful weather, strip-off-your-parka warm (at least in the Mission) and cloudless blue sky. I got to the top of Dolores Park and decided it was ice cream weather, and Bi-Rite Creamery obliged by having not just its usual highfalutin' flavors (salted caramel, roasted banana, orange-cardamom) but ROCKY ROAD, made with chocolate chips, almonds, and minimarshmallows, $1.95 for a single scoop that's more than enough to set you up on a happy choccy high for a few hours. Next visit, it will be a mandarin-orange popsicle stained with blood-orange segments.

And mark your calendars: on Saturday, Feb. 2nd, I'll be doing a cooking demo as part of the "Market to Table" program at the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market. Yippee! The big question: which apron to wear? The orange-and-pink retro flowers from K's mom? The reversible Parisian pin-up print from Susie? The demure French-maid white lacy vintage one? It's the market's Citrus Festival, so whatever I make will be featuring citrus prominently. Clementines! Meyer Lemons! Satsumas! Blood oranges! Oh, after those icy days selling sauerkraut and celeriac in Union Square, the mind reels.

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