Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cause that's how we roll

It's just me and Oscar the dog, housesitting this weekend--aka sleeping and showering INSIDE, doing laundry without the long walk with a duffle on my back, watering the tomatoes, drinking pink wine left over from the wedding, teaching Lanette to knit, and wallowing in farm vegetables, which are in high summer abundance right now--peppers, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes and tomatillos, potatoes, basil, beans and more. Much canning to be done--dill beans, corn relish, bread and butter pickles from the cukes growing my little kitchen garden patch, plum jam, pear butter...

But this morning I'm on the biscuit production line for brunch with Catherine and her visiting Dallas family. Making a really fluffy biscuit is life-long quest of mine, so wish me visitation from the Southern biscuit angels. Thinking of making half plain, half pepped up with grated cheese and minced rosemary, a particularly felictous combination.

Music to Roll By:

"Hollywood", Collective Soul
"Rehab", Amy Winehouse
"Don't You Fall", Be Good Tanyas


ron said...

Hi pie queen. It's Ron from Bubby's asking if YOU, Queen of Pie, will be attending the Social this year, September 30th.

I also want to give you a cookbook (Bubby's Homemade Pies) with my John H on it, if that signature will not lessen the value of the book for you.

Stephanie J. Rosenbaum said...

Hi Ron! So nice to hear from you. Alas, I will not be able to attend the fabulous Brooklyn Pie Social this year, since I'll still be in California doing farming things. (I will be entering our farm harvest-festival pie contest in early October, though--hoping to top the 3rd place I took last year.) I'm sad to miss it after having so much fun and good pie there 3 years in a row. But I hope it's a wonderful time for all. And I would LOVE an autographed copy of the Bubby's Pie Book! The address here is CASFS-UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA 95064. Thanks again, and happy baking!