Thursday, May 17, 2007

pies for a birthday

When the fruit is ripe

I will bake you pies all year long,





lemon meringue

Happy birthday, K.


k. said...

Lovely. I am missing your pies. And you. I look forward to a future of many pies.

annie said...

this almost brought tears to my eyes. really, really beautiful.

- anne, intern

elvi said...

I'd love to get an atom or rss feed of your blog, PQ. Do you have site feeds enabled, and if so what url should I be using?

bibliochef said...

Beaufiul pix. It probably says something about upstate perceptions that thesepictures surprise me on a brooklyn related site. Hmmm. They are beautiful. And looking forward to pies.

My site is an upstate site -- Cooking with Ideas -- at

Anonymous said...

Hello Pie Queen! Come check out our sites for a handful of Pie video recipes. We'd love for you to send us one of yours too!
Visit us at:

(we love Brooklyn and pies so you would be a nice fit )

The Cooking Ninja said...

hmm ... yummy pies.