Friday, December 08, 2006

Fresh Air Beats the Demons

More to follow, on the subject of making your Christmas gifts (biscotti! chocolate-mint stars! candied orange peel!) and staying out of the mall, but first, a quote for the day, from an review of a documentary about Ingmar Bergman in Wednesday's New York Times. Bergman, who now lives on a remote Baltic island, "follows a rigorous daily routine that includes a brisk morning walk because, as he puts it:

'The demons don’t like fresh air. What they like best is if you stay in bed with cold feet.' "


kookaburra said...


Very nice meeting you last night, & thanks for the mint chocolate gems. I looked up your blog, obviously (who could resist investigating a pie queen?) & gave it a link on my site (hope that's all right with you). Ciao...& chow,

David said...

Good timing Steph, I just received both Scenes From a Marriage and Fanny & Alexander from Netflix. My goodness is SFaM depressing. Can you reccomend a good Swedish pie to cheer me up?