Friday, November 24, 2006

Baking Don't Stop

Crazy baking going on chez PQ...I came home from the country at noon, only to start baking again for Jane's Day After Thanksgiving Dinner. Cranberry pie, which worked like a charm, once I'd tweaked the recipe yet again (changes have been added to the recipe below),but more importantly, the Flying Happy Pig Lard Pie is in the oven, smelling like the collision of a rib roast, a baked apple, and a whole lot of browned butter. It looks beautiful, even if the mondo-fatted crust was one of those doughs that loves nothing better than to stick to every little thing. You don't want to see my kitchen/living room right now, trust me. But what made it all worthwhile was puling out the autumn-leaf cookie cutters to decorate the top, and playing these cute songs by my new fave band, The Raveonettes, really loud over and over again.

Music to Bake By:

Dirty Eyes (Sex Don't Sell)--the Raveonettes
The Christmas Song -- the Raveonettes
Just Like Heaven-- the Cure
Release It-- Prince
Rip Her to Shreds-- Blondie

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