Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Howdy from Halifax

Hello from Halifax, Nova Scotia, where it's cool and crisp and roving travelers can stay in dorm rooms at Dalhousie University for a mere $40 (Canadian) a night. Sure, you have to walk down the hall for the washroom, but the shower rooms come with actual bathtubs, a very civilized touch. Most Canadian universities rent out their dorms during the summer, and they are a great option for budget travelers--we stayed at the University of Prince Edward Island in Charlottetown a few days ago, and had a bang-up time--spotlessly clean rooms, laundry facilities down the hall, breakfast in the cafeteria, even a Tim Horton's down the street. Tim Horton's is the Canadian version of Dunkin' Donuts, essentially, although a little nicer, and is a Canadian obsession. They are everywhere, even at the air base in Kandahar, which is now run by the Canadians. Soldiers line up in front of the Tim Horton's trailer every morning, waiting for their coffee and doughnuts. In Charlottetown, though, we patronized Timothy's, the funky free-trade coffee shop with free wifi that calls their version of coffee with an espresso shot a "Canadiana." Much Canuck pride on display here, from maple-flag beach umbrellas to the cult of Anne of Green Gables.

More to follow, including Celtic folk dancing and Acadian meat pie in Cape Breton! Dining in Halifax, including the mystery of the donair! Gummy lobsters in PEI! And coming up, goats in Vermont!

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