Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Stars and Stripes

Happy 4th of July!

One of the colonels on K's base decided to celebrate the holiday by hooking up a set of speakers outside his office and blasting the 1812 Overture--on repeat--all day. As K. said, you don't get to argue with the colonel.

But here in Brooklyn, it was a steamy day of thunder and dampness, with lemon ice from the Court St Pastry Shop and pink lemonade from the stand outside Cobble Hill Park, and now two rooftop fireworks parties in Brooklyn Heights, to which Amy & I will yet again be toting our collective Cherry Cobble(hill)r, made with sour cherries from Saturday's farmers' market. Happy Fourth, and don't blow your fingers off, y'all.

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k. said...

Wish I could've spent the 4th with you -- no fireworks here, of course, which is a good thing. Although they tell me that in FOB-land they fired off artillery rounds in celebration. Brooklyn sounds like a much nicer place to be. And with cherry cobbler, too. Mmm.