Monday, March 06, 2006

Ours is not to question why...

...platinum-topped, hottie butch pastry chef Elizabeth Faulkner of Citizen Cake is going hand-in-meringue with the Tourism Australia to fill San Francisco's Union Square with the world's largest pavlova--largest, presumably, only because it has never crossed anyone else's mind to make a pavlova bigger than their head. Still, if anyone's working downtown and has a camera, please snap a picture for the Pie Queen.

World's Biggest Pavlova
Tuesday 3/7/06
Union Square, SF be followed by a chocolate tasting at Citizen Cupcake (on the 3rd floor of the Virgin Megastore at Stockton and Market) from 3-5pm.

Any thoughts from Esther and the other Aussies out there on this example of west coast/down under mind-meld?

And on the comparatively sober East Coast, a food-themed reading at the sexy KGB Bar on Tuesday, March 7. Readers are Mark Kurlansky, a man who likes to think long and hard about one thing. His unlikely best seller Cod: A History of the Fish that Changed the World set off a swarm of copycat single-subject tomes on everything from dirt to air. He's back with The Big Oyster: History of the Half Shell, a New York-centric history of Diamond Jim Brady's favorite bivalve, from which he'll be reading tonight. He'll be joined by Gabriella Gershenson from the New York Press.

85 E. 4th St, second floor
Free, but bring cash for cocktails, and buy the Pie Queen a drink while you're there.

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esther said...

oh wow... the world's biggest pavlova? i do find the things that tourism australia does overseas very very strange. but i'd love to see this. i wonder though if they would have to go for a very crunchy style pav.. i prefer a sunken chewy one avoiding either the feeling of eating polystyrene or half raw goopy eggs. i'd love to see a picture too.

right now though i have hamentaschen dough (your recipe from last year) chilling in the fridge.. cos if you got your own festival you gotta bake.