Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Pie PIx

Well, the Pie Social was a big hit. The only problem was a good one--almost more pie bakers than pie eaters! there were dozens and dozens of pies laid out in the midday sun, from the freaky caramel-pecan cricket (yep, real insects) pie to the wild-apple pies (from 7 wild apple trees in upstate NY) and the goofy worm and fish pies (cream pies decorated with gummy fish and worms). Recipes for my key-lime and plum tart to follow....but here I am, wearing my blue ribbon. Everyone got one, reading "I baked a pie for the Brooklyn Pie Social." Bake, and you're a winner.


sugarkill said...

My, Miss Steph, you're looking spectacular these days! And the pie looks pretty scrumptious too!

Alicat said...

How cute! I can't wait to see those recipes :)

It's my first time visiting and I'm looking forward to reading more!