Wednesday, July 06, 2005

pie lightning

Heat lightning is flicking outside the window. No rain, not a breath of a breeze, just these intermittent flashes of light. It's such a summer moment, like watching fireflies out on the lawn or licking a dripping cone of black-raspberry ice cream.

As for that pie, that blueberry-mulberry Independence Day pie...well, it was OK. It was homemade pie, after all, and there was a whole lot of butter in the crust. But I got all freaked out worrying that it was going to be berry soup that I added too much tapioca, and then I added cornstarch, and I didn't have any lemons, and oh, it came out like this sort of stiff blueberry gel. No one hurled it to the floor in disgust, but I'm going to tinker around a bit before I post a recipe.

Now, the heavens have opened up and it's raining, water teeming down, thunder grumbling and lightning flashing again.

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stef said...

Hi, I hope you don't mind, I just tagged you for The Cook Next Door Meme.
here's the original meme post from nicky at delicious days:
I thought it'd be fun to tag other Stephanies!