Thursday, April 28, 2005

All Pie Radio

According to this article , the Bay Area’s KYCY is going to an all-podcast formula, ditching their usual syndicated smoothies for amateur chat. It’s the radio version of reality programming—except, of course, if you eat a bug on the radio, no one can see you. But they can hear you scream.

I love radio shows. I’m a sucker for Garrison Keillor’s mellifluous rasp and semi-sermons on Prairie Home Companion. (For some reason, I’ve never swallowed the NPR Kool-Aid, although practically everyone I know is a dedicated listener.) Of course, being on the radio is even more fun than just listening. I said all kinds of things I probably shouldn’t when Karlyn (a.k.a. Fairy Butch) interviewed me on Planet Out back in 1998, the infancy of Internet radio. And I made up a lot of other things when I got to go on NPR myself to promote the Anti-Bride Guide.

Why not take the Pie Queen to the airwaves? I love the idea of a radio cooking show, where it's as if everyone's hanging out in my kitchen while I natter on about butter or dating or the joys of souffles (except that, oh joy, I don't have to clean up first). But how to do this?

Anyone? Anyone? If you've got any kind of podcasting/radio cluefulness, please chime in. You could even earn a homemade pie, baked by yours truly, for your trouble!

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